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Our hotel is firmly engaged to reduce its environmental impact and act for a sustainable development :


  • Reduce energy consumption

  • - Thermal insulation and soundproofing. Double glazing in all bedrooms.

  • - Energy saving bulbs everywhere in the hotel.
    - Lightning with presence detection in every vestibule and common
    - Exterior and interior lights are automatically switch-off as ambient light allows it.
    - Thermostatic taps on every radiator, allowing regulating or switching-off according to the external temperature.
    - TV-set are switch-off, not in stand-by mode.
    - Towels and sheets only changed at customer request; the linen will only be washed at 60°C (140° F) maximum.


  • Reduce water consumption.

  • - Every reported water leak is repaired as soon as possible.
    - Please, don't waste water by needlessly letting it flow while getting washed or during domestic tasks.
    - Towels and sheets are only changed at customer request.
    - Do not wash your linen in washbasin.
    - Reduced flow, double flow flushes. Dishwashing made in economic mode.

  • Reduction of household waste quantity

- Products are bought in XXL size.
- Very few documents are printed on paper. Printing on both sides of page if possible and everything is printed on recycled paper.
- At breakfast time: fair trade products and bio food are public available


  • Living environment and interior environment improving

  • - Non-smoking and soundproofing bedrooms.
    - Noise reduction thanks to double glazing windows.
    - TV-sets are configured at 40 dB level.
    - Organic cleaners are used for rooms cleaning.

  • Continuing education and raising awareness of whole staff.

  • The hotel gracefully put at customer disposal many thematic flyers:
    "how to save water and energy "; "Parisian public transportation" and
    "Parisian Vélib"


Dear Customers, please help us to contribute to protect our planet..